Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Open View To Art

My artistic process begins with a concept based on human thought or behaviour and then translates it into a visual representation of the experience. Working either from sketches or directly on canvas, the process then conveys the interplay between the conscious and subconscious. With open dialogue and feedback the work takes a life of its own and expands into the deeper layers of the original notion. My belief is that each individual has an inner creative being that allows us to analyze, play and create; which for many is lost or suppressed as they enter adulthood. In my work with children I foster the notion of the creative individual to help them see that perspectives on life are art forms, and that each of us has a unique outlook that can be displayed in different artistic forms. The creative energy in my students is inherent in all of us, and my work seeks to get to the core of the inner creative self.

Over the past few years I have expanded my work into series that have a common thread, both visually and conceptually. I begin with life experiences that cannot be seen and place them in different visual formats. For me art is a response to life, a way of processing these events and it’s psychological impulses.  I see my work expanding in the use of materials and scale, which will allow me to transform my drawings into 3-D installations which viewers can walk through and experience with all their senses. The ability to walk through, touch, smell and listen to the work the work will allow people to feel a deeper connection to the piece as well as its mood and intended meaning. Experiencing my work in such a rich format will compel people to more broadly reflect upon the concepts being presented.

My current goal is to establish a solid body of work which will provide a foundation for me to connect with other artists and collaborate on shows that examine similar themes related to the human psyche and how it connects to the energy and the unseen worlds that surround us. The way that we respond to experiences that are unseen—in particular our feelings, intuition, fears and decision-making—is closely linked to what we have been socially constructed to believe. Yet my art strives to encourage people to break out of these response patterns.

 To see more of my artwork visit toniacordi.com

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