Sunday, 23 December 2012

'Pathway' Series

My ‘Pathway’ series began from a drawing I completed called ‘Tunnel Vision’ in 2010.  From there sprang a whole series of drawing that were interconnected like a puzzle resembling a hand or branches.  I transferred a small number of the pieces to wood panels using modeling paste and oil paint marker. It quickly became apart that the pieces needed to be showcased in a large space, which was two stories high and around 15m long.  I also wanted to experiment with having the figures come out of the wood canvas using metal.  Due to limited resources, (my tiny studio in my apartment) and not having a location lined up, I had to take a break from the series knowing that when time and circumstances were right I would be able to go full fledge without having to hold back my creative vision.

The video below describes the process of both technique and meaning behind the series.  I look forward to continuing to document my ideas as it is  not only helpful for reference and generating further ideas, it allows people to understand the deeper levels of my work.  I enjoy sharing the meaning behind my work because I always get great feedback, perspective and inspiration.

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